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Valuable Book Group produces a monthly newsletter covering the collectible, rare, and antiquarian golf book market. In particular, we provide book reviews for golf books that we believe are worthy of investment and will have lasting value. Many are newly issued books although in some instances they are 100 years old. Our philosophy is that a book doesn’t have to be new to be interesting or insightful.

We provide these newsletters because we love the history of the game and we enjoy sharing our knowledge. We also do it because buying and collecting golf books has gotten fairly complex. With all the limited editions, signed copies, and special editions issued it is hard to keep track of.

We find that reviewing books provides useful information for the serious collector. Click on the topics below to access the PDF file with the full newsletter. Contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list for distribution of the newsletter or to receive a catalog.

If you prefer, you can now access our newsletter through our blog, which has search capabilities.

Jan 2018 Frank Stableford : A Life in Golf, Medicine and War

Dec 2017 Discovering Alex Russell – The Man and His Legacy

Nov 2017 Herbert Warren Wind’s Sunday Golf in Japan

Oct 2017 The Los Angeles Country Club

Sep 2017 Berckmans Place Augusta National book

Aug 2017 The Art of the Links

Jul 2017 The Mid Ocean Club Bermuda

Jun 2017 The Monster – The Oakland Hills Country Club

May 2017 The San Francisco Golf Club

Apr 2017  Donald Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received

Mar 2017 Doctors of the Game – Billy Dettlaff

Feb 2017 Golf’s Royal Clubs by Scott MacPherson

Jan 2017 Simpson and Co. Golf Architects

Dec 2016 Confidential Guide to Golf Courses – Summer Destinations

Nov 2016  Planet Golf – Modern Masterpieces

Oct 2016  Fore! Life’s Book for Golfers

Sep 2016   John Updike’s In Love With A Wanton

Aug 2016  Golf Causerie – John Sutherland of Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Jul 2016   A Journey through the Annals of the Golfing Annuals

Jun 2016  The History of the Newport Country Club

May 2016  St. Andrews Footsteps in the Footsteps of Old Tom Morris

Apr 2016   Members Only Golf Books

Apr 2016   Anatomy of Greatness Brandel Chamblee

Mar 2016   The Original Evangelist of Golf

Feb 2016     Royal Cortissoz Golf Books

Jan 2016     Oakmont Country Club Books

Dec 2015    Confidential Guide to Golf Courses – Winter Destinations

Nov 2015   Crump’s Dream The Making of Pine Valley Golf Club 1913-1936

Oct 2015    The Dinosaur of Golf Book Collecting

Sep 2015    Wade Hampton Golf Club

Aug 2015   Muirfield and the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers

July 2015   Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy

Jun 2015    Golf & Country Clubs by Charles Wendehack

May 2015    Royal North Devon Golf Club

Apr 2015   Biography of Horton Smith – The Velvet Touch

Mar 2015    Story of Augusta National by Clifford Roberts

Feb 2015    Robert Trent Jones biography – A Difficult Par

Jan 2015     Tommy Armour – The Silver Scot

Dec 2014      Confidential Guide to Golf Courses – New Edition

Nov 2014      Influential Golf Books

Oct 2014       New Bandon Dunes Book

Sep 2014      A.A. Milne Golf Writings

Aug 2014     Cyril Tolley Golf Books

Jul 2014      Inverted Jenny Golf Books

Jun 2014     New Pinehurst Golf Book

May 2014    Bible of Golf

Apr 2014    Prolific Golf Book Authors

Mar 2014    Darsie L. Darsie Golf Books

Feb 2014    Golf and the Olympics

Jan 2014    Merion Golf Club Books

Dec 2013    What Makes a Book Rare?

Nov 2013   Bobby Locke Golf Books

Oct 2013    John Derr Golf Book

Sep 2013    Legendary Golf Clubs of the American Midwest

Aug 2013   Doug Ford Golf Books

Jul 2013    Golf Donts

Jun 2013    Legendary Clubhouses

May 2013   Golf Posters

Apr 2013    Leroy Neiman Golf Book

Mar 2013   Rex Lardner Golf Books

Feb 2013   Golf Course Architecture

Jan 2013   Prestwick Golf Club History

Dec 2012   The Calumet Club

Nov 2012  The Evangelist of Golf

Oct 2012  The Links Club

Sep 2012  Collecting Golf Books

Aug 2012  Joe Kirkwood Golf Books

Jul 2012   Robert Hunter The Links

Jun 2012  Yeamans Hall Golf club History

May 2012  From Tee to Cup

Apr 2012  Charlie Sifford

Mar 2012 Masters Golf Books

Feb 2012 Our Favorite Golf Books

Jan 2012  Pictorial Covers

Dec 2011  Gift Ideas

Nov 2011 Discovering Donald Ross

Oct 2011 James Braid

Sep 2011 The Spirit of St Andrews – Alister Mackenzie

Aug 2011 The Making of the Masters by David Owen

Jul 2011  Signed Golf Books

Jun 2011  Country Club – Brookline

May 2011 Glotta A Poem

Apr 2011 Golf Clubs as Bird Sanctuaries

Mar 2011 Toy Town Golf Club

Feb 2011  Chicago Golf Club

Jan 2011  Golf Links of Scotland

Dec 2010  Scotland’s Gift by C.B. MacDonald

Nov 2010 Garden Smith

Oct 2010  Grantland Rice

Sep 2010 St Andrews Complete Golf Book List

Aug 2010 Barnbougle Golf Club History

Jul 2010  George Thomas

Jun 2010 F G Tait

May 2010 Darwin Gallery of Masters

Apr 2010  Japanese Golf Books

Mar 2010  R & A Club History

Feb 2010  Somerset Hills Country Club

Jan 2010  H S Colt Golf Books

Dec 2009  Cypress Point Club History

Nov 2009  Alister Mackenzie Golf Courses

Oct 2009  Royal Blackheath Club History

Sep 2009  Greatest Selling Golf Books of All Time

Aug 2009  Bernard Darwin

Jul 2009  Books about Golf Balls

Jun 2009  Piping Rock Club History

May 2009  Tillinghast Golf Books

Apr 2009  Golf Holes They Talk About

Mar 2009  Oxford & Cambridge Golfing Society

Feb 2009 Seminole Golf club History

Jan 2009  Your First Game of Golf

Dec 2008  A.B.C. of Golf by A. Victim

Nov 2008  Scotsman’s Dream

Oct 2008  European Club Club History

Sep 2008  Beldam – Championship Golfer

Aug 2008  Tom Morris Golf Book

Jul 2008  The Bar X Golf Course

Jun 2008  Does Size Matter?

May 2008  Golf Goes to the Movies

Apr 2008  Bibliographic References Books

Mar 2008  Child’s Play

Feb 2008  Martin – Fifty Years of American Golf

Jan 2008  Additional Flicker Books

Dec 2007  Golf Books made with unusual Material

Nov 2007  Pre-1900 US Golf Books

Oct 2007  Sutphen – Golfer’s Alphabet

Sep 2007  George Plimpton – The Bogey Man

Aug 2007  Alister Mackenzie

Jul 2007  John Updike on Golf

Jun 2007  Our Favoriate Golf Books

May 2007  J.H. Taylor Golf Books

Apr 2007  Bobby Jones Golf Books

Mar 2007  Travers-Travis

Feb 2007  Willie Park Jr.

Jan 2007  Herbert Warren Wind

Dec 2006  Henry Longhurst

Nov 2006  Walter Hagen

Oct 2006  Country Club – Brookline

Sep 2006  Early Golf Books with Dust Jackets

Aug 2006  Ian Fleming Goldfinger

Aug 2006  P.G. Wodehouse Golf Books

Aug 2006  Agatha Christie Golf Books

Jul 2006  Hoylake – Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Jun 2006  Long Island – Hamptons Club Histories

Jun 2006  Long Island Club Histories

May 2006  Adams Mystery

Apr 2006  Flickers Sports Series

Mar 2006  Sunningdale Golf Club History

Feb 2006  Pine Valley Golf Club

Jan 2006  Golf In America – James Lee

Dec 2005  Golf A Tribute

Dec 2005  Golf on the LMS

Nov 2005  Badminton Library – Golf – Horace Hutchinson

Oct 2005  Confidential Guide to Golf Courses by Tom Doak