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Welcome to The Valuable Book Group. We specialize in rare, collectible and antiquarian golf books. We emphasize quality over quantity and are one of the leading specialists in our field. Our specialization allows attention to detail and a focus that less specialized dealers cannot afford.

We have rare and unique items relating to golf and a strong collection of club histories from most of the world’s premier golf clubs. If you want the latest mass produced golf book, we suggest Amazon.com. If you are looking for collectible, esoteric or high quality, you’re at the right place. Our stock changes frequently so please check back periodically. Our reputation is our most Valuable asset. Buyers may return books within 10 days if not delighted with the book for any reason.

Send us an email if you are looking for a specific book or would like to receive our monthly newsletter about golf books.

Since we have always found that you make better decisions when armed with full information, we include a comprehensive description of all titles including editions, publishing dates, etc. When you are looking for books in these subject areas you will often times see reference to these bibliographic names (ie,  Murdoch, Donovan & Jerris). If you collect rare and valuable books it is important that you become familiar with these reference books. In addition, we strive to communicate in plain English without a lot of the jargon often associated with used and antiquarian books. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a book only to find out later that you bought the wrong title or edition or that there was a limited edition of the book and that is what you really wanted. These reference guides are indispensable for such purposes.

We are always interested in purchasing quality golf titles, please inquire. We hope you find our site enlightening and stimulating.

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